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Siitia is a Samoan word that means to move, lift, or elevate, and our workshops and adventures are designed to help you engage with this concept. Your desire for a connection to a curiosity, place, craft, practice, or profession is what brings you to our experiences. What you will find is a group of experts who are excited as you are about the places we’re going and the particular strands of wisdom that we share and explore together. Whether you are capturing visual impressions, delving into the movement and wellbeing of your own body, or learning about something utterly new, there will be authenticity all around you— in the food you taste, in the warm positivity of your guides, and in the communities and landscapes you visit.



Our experts and guides are carefully selected from a world full of accomplished, capable professionals. What sets our leaders apart is the bright passion that shines through their work and drives them to share their knowledge with others. Our team is comprised of specialists whose connection to their craft is so strong that you will gain wisdom, not just skill, and you will acquire perspective, not just experience. We love being of service to your larger journey.


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We have a rigorous vetting process for new partners to ensure impeccable quality of experience for our clients. With this high standard in mind, would you like to explore working with Siitia as a hosting venue, service, or expert? Have you designed a trip but don’t know how to elevate it to the next level? Reach out to us, and let’s see what we can do together.