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castles, beaches & kite festival


Jaipur - goa - vadodara


ravel western India as you stretch, strengthen, and meditate in this breathtaking country. You’ll see deserts and ancient forts; you’ll walk the shores of the Arabian Sea, and you’ll see the daytime sky filled with the brilliant dance of thousands of bright kites sparring, to be replaced by the glow of floating lanterns at night. This trip will take you from Jaipur in the North to the famed Goa beaches further south, and finally to the state of Gujarat where rooftops will be your platform to experience the thrill of Uttarayan- the yearly kite festival marking winter’s end.


  • Enjoy your own vitality brought by breath and movement through daily yoga sessions led by 500hr RYT, Angella Irwin. We’ll flow through vinyasa-styled classes with Iyengar-inspired alignment awareness. 

  • Experience a delightful trifecta of Indian environments- from a history-rich desert region, to hip and stunning beaches, to a pulsating urban festival celebration. 

  • Be dazzled by the Pink City- Jaipur- jewel of Rajasthan. The architecture, the food, and the atmosphere will amaze your senses and touch your spirit.

  • Soak up the peace and beauty of the Arabian Sea and relax in your fabulous dome hut for a leisurely four days in Goa.

  • From your relaxed rooftop perch in the city of Vadodara, look around and watch the sky filled with soaring and diving kites, each vying to be the last one flying. At night, you’ll be serenaded by laughter and music while floating lanterns drift past like almost-touchable stars.

  • Explore vibrant local markets in each of our three locations.


January 6-16, 2019



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About Angella Irwin

Angella began her yoga practice as a way to exercise while traveling in places where running and recreational sports weren’t available. The realization came quickly that this path involved so much more than merely staying limber. She discovered that yoga helps her take herself less seriously, laugh more, and integrate her experiences so that she can glimpse what the whole “becoming one” thing might be about. Angella studied in Philadelphia where she began her teaching career, and was blessed to be part of the heart-expanding Blue Banyan Yoga family. Now a 500 hr RYT, she loves to do this work all over the world in studios, fields, homes, and anywhere else she can put down a mat or take some purposeful breaths with her students.




day 1-3

  • Sleep like royalty in an ornate hotel that exudes Rajasthani style and charm.

  • Tour the stunning Amber Fort, constructed of sandstone and marble in the 1500’s. Stroll through its many courtyards, palaces, halls, and gardens while you enjoy the breathtaking artistry on windows, walls, and pillars.

  • Walk the city markets, going stall to stall and drinking in the colors and textures of traditional fabrics, jewelry, lamps, rugs, pottery, bags, vegetables, flowers, and more.

  • See the Hawa Mahal, which translates to the “Wind Palace.” It’s an iconic structure built in 1799, and showcases, notably, architectural elements of both the Hindu Rajput and Islamic Mughal styles. Aside from the dazzling pink color of the facade, it boasts 953 tiny front-facing windows, which were used by the royal women so that they could observe the goings-on below without being seen.

  • Daily yoga flow sessions at the hotel will help to normalize your systems and unlock your ability for enjoyment. Breath work and meditative practices will ground you in the “now.”



Day 8-10

  • Watch kite flying like you’ve never seen before at the Festival called Uttarayan in the city of Vadodara. Marking the end of winter, this celebration brings everybody out to the rooftops for this exciting 2-day ritual. Watch as skilled flyers tug, let out, and pull hard to cut the strings of rival flyers in the same airspace.

  • Come down from the rooftops for a look at the local market where you’ll see fruits, grains, vegetables, and piles upon piles of bright flowers kept fresh by chunks of ice.

  • Stay in one of the city’s best hotels where we’ll roll out our mats for our final days of practice together, breathing in peace and grounding ourselves in order to better appreciate the flying and festival stimulation of this city.

  • Climb back up to the city canopy to watch the night sky glow with the light of thousands of floating lanterns and explode in colorful, city-wide fireworks.

  • Take some epic selfies or if you’d like, you can pose for a few pictures taken by our local guide and professional photographer that you could use on your own website or personal or professional social media.


Day 4-7

  • Stay in the distinctive dome huts at the fabulous beachfront Yab Yum Resort in Goa— our home for four nights.

  • Walk, sunbathe, and swim at Ashwem beach, known for its soft sand and relaxing vibes.

  • Practice daily yoga with our group at the Yab Yum shala, and if you’re thirsting for more, take an additional class open to the public, led by a local teacher for a fair price.

  • Savor delicious meals from the many restaurants and vendors within easy walking distance of the resort.

  • Explore the Saturday night flea market, where all kinds of crafts are on brilliant display. Peruse the merchandise and soak in the local culture, and if you’d like to dance there are always parties to join!

  • Set up a massage with the Yab Yum resort, and melt a little deeper into your beach experience.

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January 06-16, 2020









  • Daily yoga and breath practice

  • Local guides and drivers

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Packed drinking water

  • 10-night accommodations

  • Airport pickup/dropoff

  • All domestic transportation (domestic flights, cars)

  • Professional photographs for your use on website or social media


  • International flights and visa fees

  • Personal purchases

  • Gratuity for guides and locals

  • Baggage and personal insurance.